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Video Interviews

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What are some of the benefits that job seekers can draw from video interviews?

Here is a short list:

  • Video interviews are also advantageous to candidates in terms of time and money. There is no need to stress about being late to the interview because of traffic, and similarly, there is no need to travel to another city or country (with the associated expenses that come with it). The only investment you need to make is a computer with Internet access and a webcam, and almost everyone has that kind of equipment these days
  • There are psychological benefits associated to video interviews. A job interview can be a lot less stressful if you can go through it from your own home
  • You can practise for a video interview by recording yourself answering typical interview questions. You can then assess your performance and make the necessary changes, so that you feel confident and prepared on the day of the interview
  • Video interviews are ideal if you already have a job but are looking to move elsewhere. Online interviews do not require you to take days off, something that could arouse your boss’ suspicions.

Can a video interview improve my chances of getting the Job?

The good news is that if you approach it correctly, a video interview can help you be successful in your job search. If you can perform well using video conferencing software, you’ll show that you’re at ease with modern technology. You’ll also have the opportunity to practise with the software until you’re comfortable with it. If you have picture-in-picture during the interview, you’ll be able to observe the appearance you’re projecting to your interviewers and adjust if necessary, which is something you don’t get the chance to do in a traditional interview format.

By preparing thoroughly for your video interview and taking care to give the best impression possible you may be able to secure the job without even entering the office!

Essential Video Interview Tips

  • Prepare yourself ahead of time: As you are not meeting your employer face to face, you should think about emailing the interviewer your CV and any other applicable documents before the day of the interview. Two days before is the best time to send all the relevant papers.
  • Practise: If you are not comfortable being in front of a camera then a good way to feel at ease with it is to practise the video interview with a friend over Skype. Get your friend to ask you the questions you expect to be asked and then ask for feedback. This way, you will also hopefully gain more confidence which can be used to your advantage when you’ve got the real video interview.
  • Background and light: If you have the video interview in your own home then make sure you test the software and also check your background and lighting. If the sun is shining, the light often blocks out the screen so make sure that that doesn’t happen by checking everything first.
  • Look in the camera: You may be tempted to look at yourself when you have the video interview but it is extremely important that you look throughout the interview at the webcam and not the screen. This will ensure you are keeping good eye contact with your interviewer and also gives the impression that you are very confident.

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