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The IAEWS Code of Ethics

The IAEWS Code of Ethics

IAEWS Members are leaders in their industry. In acknowledgment of that role, they agree to adhere to the following Code of Ethics:

We will maintain a privacy policy that is open and transparent. We will adhere to generally accepted principles for the use of information acquired online, to include the full disclosure of what personal information is collected and how it is used and/or released to others.

For example, Members will carefully protect hosted individual passwords and clearly indicate the use of all individual contact information.

We will operate with respect for our customers and deliver our products and services as promised. In addition, we will compete fairly in the marketplace and not slander our competitors.

For example, Members will provide easy-to-find and up-to-date contact information on their sites for both employers and job seekers.

We will not engage in deceitful or deceptive business practices. We will deliver our products and services as they are represented in our sales and marketing materials and provide accurate data on their performance and our operations.

For example, Members will make every effort to ensure that all job postings displayed on their sites are genuine employment opportunities.

We will serve the interests of all of our customers—employers, recruiters and job seekers. We will resolve customer issues to the best of our ability.

For example, Members will clearly state how long a resume will be archived on their sites and respect that commitment.

Self Regulation
We acknowledge that compliance with the IAEWS Code of Ethics is a condition of membership in the Association. We will adhere to the Code in all aspects of our business operations and expeditiously remediate any areas of noncompliance.

Why a Code of Ethics and Why Now?

The IAEWS Code of Ethics was developed, ironically, because of the job board industry’s success. That success, coupled with a low barrier to entry, has led to a continuous influx of new sites online. While many of these new entrants strengthen the industry, some do not. They engage in unethical practices such as selling the contact information of job seekers to marketers without individual permission and not accurately representing the traffic their site generates for advertisers. The IAEWS Code of Ethics was created to help consumers tell the difference between those job boards that are committed to the highest standards of business and those that are not.