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Talent Acquisition Strategies

Todays greatest challenge for any company looking to hire new staff, is time. We know the best strategies need time to develop and a good team to succeed. We help make those sometimes unrealistic expectations placed on you, achievable and real.

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You may have just signed a deal with a new client or are ready to launch a new product, your best staff are overworked and dedicated,.. but for how long ? How to you hire in the shortest period of time, whilst making smart decisions on who to hire and how to get the best staff envolved in the process ? You need time to understand the new position and the expectations of the department or team. You need time to write a truthful and interesting job description. And you need time to research the market, find out what your budget can do for you, how to advertise and where to advertise.. All this before any applicants have started bombarding you with phone calls and e-mails, (if your one of the lucky ones !!!). There are soo many factors to consider when recruiting. In human resources you wont just hire people in finance. You will need to find staff for administration or production or purchasing or marketing. The list can be endless and the expectations that you understand each market, unrealistic.

That is where iRecruit, with hands-on knowledge of recruitment and human resource management can turn that complex recruitment challenge into tailored solution that works for you. From hiring skilled production staff to experienced management executives, we can really help make sense of your recruitment process, the budget restraints and your time limitations. With access to niche players in niche markets, both local and global, our tailored solutions allowing you to advertise on some of the best known career portals in the world for a price unmatched by most, if not all of our regional or global competitors. We deliver detailed information on how your advertised position is doing and what can be done, if required, to improve its market impact. We want you know that the job has not just gone into a black whole of career sites, but is working for you 24/7. Our multitude of tailored solutions make the unrealistic, achievable with a process you can follow however your day is planned for you. Because at the end of the day its only the results that count towards the ultimate goal of success..

Our solutions give you the results you expect whilst meeting the objectives of successful recruitment.

“There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few we can solve by ourselves”.

Lyndon B. Johnson