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This site is dedicated to mid – executive level positions in english only and only in Switzerland. The site, whilst under construction is being aggregated by an english-only job feed, however as this is beyond our control, there will be occasional positions in other languages appearing in the listings

The ultimate aim is to offer english only positions, ( by job description ) that may frequently require additional languages. The objective for applicants, is to see not just an english job title, but full job description too. This will become a none agency site, with only direct employer positions on offer.

What we may lack in quantity, we will make up for with quality. For any further information regarding this site please contact us: 

A site dedicated to all levels of english only positions in Switzerland. There are no posting limitations, so agency positions are also included in the job selections. Although most positions will come from within our network, there are no restrictions regarding additional advertising.  &

Both sites will offer positions for professionals over fifty years of age. One for english only and one for german only. We are depending on companies that are willing to consider a professional over fifty, to post their positions on these sites. We hope, over time that attitudes and regulations will change in order to give senior professionals a better chance at continuing their professional career up to retirement.

For more information regarding these sites please contact us :

english only jobs covering the whole of Asia. Long term objective is employer only direct positions. Main focus will be Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Korea, China. All sectors covered where possible

english only jobs located in Singapore. Positions for mid to senior level professionals. Main focus is strong local sectors like Banking, Finance, HR, Engineering & Pharmaceutical.