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The iRecruit Network of sites

The iRecruit Network of sites is exclusively for English jobs around the world. The network covers Europe, US and Asia. Most of our sites are build on wordpress and will offer the same features such as geo location mapping and search.


The site for english speaking jobs in Europe. The target clients will include recruitment agencies and headhunters. The jobs will however all be written in English which makes a European job search easier for English speaking professionals.


The site for employer only jobs in Switzerland. All positions must be written in English and require english as a main spoken language. 

Gulf & Middle East

A site for professional jobs in the Gulf and Middle East region. The current regional sites focus on regional candidates, is made for International candidates outside the region looking for jobs in the region.


First launched in 2006, well before the crisis hit Greek professionals, we are now in a market that has changed significantly. When I first launched the site, it was done due to the poor access to job information for professionals living in Greece. There seemed to be one large, thick, yellow newspaper that had the majority of available Greek based jobs and no career portals or job sites to speak of. Most Greek based professionals were left to the often unscrupulous ways of recruitment agencies requesting payment for services never delivered (a practice that is illegal in a number of EU countries including Switzerland) or a newspaper advertising positions that were at best already filled. As the majority of my knowledge had been gathered in IT recruitment, this was at first my main focus.The salaries in this field, and as I later discovered, in many other professions, was well below the levels I had become used to.

Although many were quick to inform me that the majority of professionals would never leave Greece, even for a short period of time, I believed in the necessity of a site dedicated to globally minded Greek speaking professionals. Times have changed far more than anyone expected, and it now seems that the best minds who have the flexibility, have left Greece or are looking for a new challenge away from Greece. Jobs4Greeks the site and network seem to be more important than ever before, and I hope we can one day assist Greek professionals from around the globe in bringing their skills back to Greece and helping to build an admired, competitive and economy that others will aspire to. Until that day, we aim to help Greek speaking professionals in any way we can, in any part of the world they may have settled, to build a trusted, quality focused and admired network that will last for many years to come., and will be launching in the last quarter of 2013.


The only truly global site in the english-jobs collection, made for management and executive level positions only.  The collection started with,  a country specific site only for the swiss market. The concept has grown global whilst still catering to a niche markets. All sites aim to offer the largest selection of english jobs, titled and written in English, requiring english as a priority business language. The sites are aggregated by employer and agency jobs and all but .biz, unrestricted to career level or field. Sites will offer starter level internships up to senior management. If there are jobs located in the sites related market, with both title and description in English, then english-jobs will post it.

Then we decided to cater to the regional, european market with, the asian continent with, and the global executive market with

Where we feel there is a market that requires its own space, we provide a more local is just such an platform, providing news on local development and trends.

We hope you enjoy our selection of niche options and hope to be the ones to provide you with your next great career challenge.