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Recruitment Support

iRecruit, your specialists for strategic job placement

We help in rewriting vacancy descriptions to attract first class applications.

In most cases this will require access to the hiring manager or the line manager. We can only write a motivating and attractive job description  by finding out about the best that any job can offer. Our experience has shown that due to time constraints or simple lack of experience, many job descriptions never really have the pulling power they need in todays market.

We advise you how to best advertise your jobs to give a satisfying return on your investment.

There are many ways to advertise your job(s), and most will offer you no guarantee with a significant up front payment. We know the market and are well aware of the benefits and drawbacks of advertising in the local or international media. In most cases, a newspaper ad will empty your budget faster than any other form of publicity. So you may have chosen to go for a local or regional internet solution.

Carefully monitored vacancies, improved as required, to maximise their market impact .

Advertising a position is only the start. We monitor its performance and advise when we feel your not getting the kind of reaction and feedback you should expect. We can deliver statistics and performance  reports whenever required. The job posting will only worth the investment if you get an acceptable level of applications and positive reaction from the marketplace. If you don’t, we want to know why …

Applicant selection 

see also: making the right hire – planning 

Not happy with the quantity or quality of candidates applying for your vacancies ? 

You have tried it the traditional way with no targeted placement or qualifying questions. Although at first the feedback was almost overwhelming, the quality of candidates were not !. As part of our Advanced and Executive package, we can offer you a selection of general or job specific qualifier questions that only select the candidates that match 80+% of your expectations. This service comes at additional cost, however you pay for what has been pre selected and not for applicants that don’t fit your criteria.

Your time is limited and you’d rather have a competent partner assessing the pre selected candidates for you.

Based on your needs we can offer telephone interviews and video interviews. We do not interview candidates in any other way due to the additional costs that are usually involved with on site interviewing. With our partners we can also offer an assortment of Emotional Intelligence Questionnaires to validate the applicants suitability for your open vacancy.

see also: making the right hire – reference checking


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