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Order ADbasic” 

  1. Advertising on the iRecruit-Group of Sites of choice
  2. Applications with limited qualifier questions / pre-selection
  3. Charge per job advert, with a capped fee for english-jobs set
  4. Available as company advert only solution

Order “ADVanced”

  1. Advertising in the extended network of 4’000+ sites (global)
  2. Fixed,  performance / click based fee
  3. 3 Pre qualifier questions per job
  4. Unlimited additional qualifier questions available at additional cost
  5. Short candidate video interview on request

Order ADStrategy”

  1. Global strategic advertising campaign
  2. Full job statistics and performance report
  3. Pay per applicant / ppc + basic pre selection questions
  4. PPA or PPC option per job (performance or click)
  5. Group sites advertising discount
  6. TEIQue tests available for *standard placement fee package
  7. Full hour video interview option