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Making the right hire

 Here are four tips to help you plan the right hiring strategy


note: Make sure you have a qualified job description to hand before you start..

  1. What is the level of the applicants job related knowledge and skills ?  If its not going to match your job description then don’t waste your time
  2. What percentage of the required qualifications does he have ?  Anything less than 75% is unlikely to be a good fit
  3. Have you compiled a must have list for yourself or with the team, hiring manager or HR ?  This will help you make a quick decision 


note: Make sure you have questions prepared that are job related. I also recommend an interview assessment sheet.

This is your first opportunity to see if your candidate is willing to support claimed knowledge, skills and attitude. As you are aware of the kind of environment your possible new hire will be working in, ask them some challenging questions relating to this in order to weed out any possible future conflicts.

  1. How would they interact with specific difficult team members, or handle high pressure situations ?.
  2. Are they passionate about their profession or work ?
  3. Do they need a constant challenge or do they make the best of any given situation ?
  4. What is the general vibe or attitude your getting from the candidate. Positive, negative or indifferent ?

Its in your best interest to put the applicant at ease. Some may be nervous or uncomfortable due to previous experiences or lack of experience. They are likely to talk too much or talk too little. When interviewing, its important that you set up your applicant to give their best and feel confident.

  1. Give them a brief run through on how the interview will be conducted, who will attend, and how long it will take. 
  2. Use the 80/20 talking rule and use questions usually beginning with “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “tell me about” or “describe.” so that the applicant does most of the talking.
  3. Remember, you must steer the interview and guide your applicant. Ask only  job relevant non discriminating questions.

An example of a interview sheet I used regularly is available to registered members


A test will usually help in understanding if the candidate is qualified, skilled enough or has the abilities to perform the job for which you are hiring. In my experience, I always found it important to test applicants that were applying for positions in Finance or Accounting due to their often slightly over ambitious opinion of their abilities . You may decide that specific on-line tests may be more appropriate based on the positions expectations and 


The reference checking is incredibly important and it needs to be done undisturbed and unhurried. You can request as many referees as you wish although three is usually standard. In Switzerland, written referResearch shows that up to one-third of applicants embellish their employment history. By checking references, you are validating the information you have received to ensure that your candidate has the knowledge, skills and attitude they have presented.

If you follow these four easy steps, you will minimize the risk of making a poor hiring decision.

because a poor decision can lead to a multitude of problems …

Why not read this informative article How to Escape from Bad Decisions as a useful insight into what can be done once a poor hiring decision has been made …….