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To make life changing or critical decisions you need the relevant information that can help you support your next step.

You may want to change profession because you no longer see a future in what you do or no longer feel the passion you once had for your job.

You may feel that you have outgrown or reached a point of no foreseeable career advancement at your current employer.

Maybe you plan to develop your skills with further education, but your employer doesn’t support your decision or see the need to allow you the freedom to develop your skills.

It may be a situation you are facing now or see in the near future. Due to circumstances beyond your control like economical political setbacks. You need a good source of information for local career trends and the job market. Our sites will provide up to date regional articles keeping you informed on the hiring and salary trends in Europe, Middle East, Asia and the US. This knowledge should be valuable in understanding how to approach and seek a new career in a new market with differing cultural expectations

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it” Winston Churchill (1874-1965)