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today’s candidate challenges

Changing markets, rising expectations, greater competition … How to survive in today’s job jungle

The challenge often starts from the day you think about looking for, or, due to unfortunate circumstances, are forced to seek a new job. However, before you start sending those applications, you must be sure of what you really want and have a realistic opportunity to do.

Planning your strategic job search

Its how we can help you focus your search by defining your abilities, needs and the market around you. It makes sense to plan what your really looking for in order to focus your search on specific markets, sites or recruiters. There are niche sites that focus on specific markets, and as owners of niche job portals, we can advise you how and where to search based on your needs. Dont waste time applying to sites that don’t get you results, send you jobs that don’t match your skills, or even worse, charge you money for a service they never deliver.

Documents presentation and application analysis

Be prepared to apply for a new challenge whenever you see your ideal job. Many candidates are unaware what an application requires, what documentation needs to be collected and how to properly create a complete and professional resume. We help you with this often daunting task by offering samples and to do lists simplifying future resume and application management. Be the one ready to send your application whenever from wherever you need.

Application management and follow through

Manage your applications, follow up correctly, follow through with the results you expect. We hope to improve the feedback you get from applications, but realistically you wont get called for every job you apply for. However, its important to know where, when and for what you applied. Have contact details ready even if this requires additional research. How and when should you follow up ? What questions should you ask and why. Its first impressions that matter, so let us make them matter the best way for you.

Fair, critical, clear but constructive advice

We will give you honest answers to honest questions. Constructive critique for improvements if your willing to listen. We will analyse what you represent and how you present yourself. We advise you clearly what the market wants and what you need to adapt in order to make the right impression. We offer tailored solutions that present you as you are in a way that makes you feel comfortable with the way others see you. We send you out into the job jungle when your ready to climb and confidently shout out from the treetops.