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Applicant Help

Get help when you need it. We can help you find the right job by advising you on how to present yourself in todays market place. Our service for candidates is basic advice on where to start looking, how to present your resume and getting your mind set on realistic goals based on your abilities as a person and professional. The support is free and only clients that choose to employ candidates through iRecruit will be charged.

Our candidate challenges article explains more ….

We also the have numerous articles which are updated whenever I come across a useful article or tips that will help applicants to get the job they really want.

The links below will explain …

Why a cover letter is always required

or whats the difference between ..

cv’s or resumes

and the challenges of attracting the right employers

cv challenges

So you’ve made it past the first hurdle and your ready to go for an interview

the DON’Ts

and the do’s

before the interview

and most importantly

ask those critical questions

to make sure

that you win your next job interview