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Founded as iRecruit some four years ago, our objective is to provide highest quality recruitment solutions to International Businesses. Solutions focus primarily on the search & selection, career site and recruitment market. Our search solutions are unique and are not currently offered by anyone in the Swiss based recruitment sector.

The iRecruit Group also owns and runs a selection of niche career and job sites, otherwise known as “group sites”. The ability to offer our clients strategic, market specific job placement and guaranteed results makes us a valuable partner for any company seeking english speaking employees. The iRecruit-Group, can offer our clients highly competitive advertising access to over 4,300 career, niche and specialist job boards around the world. In addition, our network partners can offer additional TEIQue tests and video interviews in multiple languages. Should you require a new employee with a very specific skill set or are looking to build teams or new departments, we can find the best and most affordable solution for your needs.


Our clients:
We focus on a strategy that delivers useful results and will save you time and money. An exclusive global network of partners and career portals help us provide you with comprehensive local information. We can offer access to more than 3000 specialist job boards throughout Europe, United States and Asia at a price that really competes globally.

Information on our global presence can be found hereAnd for all the local solutions here.

Our candidates:
Globally minded professionals looking for a new challenge or even a new career direction are given the support they expect from a professional partner that listens and gives honest, straight forward advice. We will always be transparent and open, putting our candidates first every time. Our goal is to to make sure candidates are happy about the direction of their career and what we mean to achieve for you.

iRecruit provides you with an online solution that uses all the latest technologies allowing you to work with us from the comfort of your home or office . Regardless if you are located in Zurich, London or Singapore, we help you and advise you how to take the next step.

We have the necessary licenses required by Swiss law from AWA and SECO




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